Selling Your Home is a Breeze with Orange House RealtyYou know that a vacuum simply can’t walk away, and that screwdriver was supposed to be at the bottom of the steps… right where you left it. Nonetheless, they are gone and three other people are asking you questions about how you want something packed or if another item should simply be thrown out or if you want to repaint that wall. The point is: Putting your home on the market is no walk in the park. 

Make Selling More Fun with Orange House!Selling and staging are stressful activities for many homeowners, but, with hope, you’re selling for an exciting new opportunity that lies ahead of you! Regardless of whether this is your first rodeo selling a home, or you’ve done this more times than you care to admit in service to God and Country, we genuinely want to assist you with the beautiful home photos and superior staging so that you can get the offer you’re aiming for ASAP. We’ll also work with your lender- or recommend one to you- so there are no unforeseen surprises during your inspection or bank appraisals; wherever possible. And if you’re looking for your next home in Minnesota (or Florida), we can guide you through that process as well. 

Let the experts at Orange House provide you with the service and expertise that you deserve. Reach out today to get your home listed on the MLS! 

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